Wednesday, September 6, 2017

His Soon Return

The day and date of Jesus' return was never known, not even Jesus knew... this was done with a special plan in mind. You know how people are, if they would know the date 100 years ago... they would react...."OH, well... Jesus is not coming for a long time... so let us party for now" etc... or having a drink or any other excuse. You realize how weak mankind is and can be?
Since the past view years the celestial world has been entered by mankind more than ever thought possible. Especial in regards to the stars and planets. With all this the discovering of changes in the sky, as you can see in the first video... Just AMAZING AND WONDERFUL...
The second more Scriptural video, totally opened up to the secrets of God. This ALL is an extra reminder, and also His mercy to remind His People to be ready. He does not want anybody to miss out!!
And we have began to unwind our steps, realizing how we are still attached unknowingly to so much what is around us, and things we own and cherish.
Behold ye among the heathen, and regard, and wonder marvelously: for I will work a work in your days which ye will NOT BELIEVE, though it be told you. Habakkuk 1:6
God is opening the eyes of His children to become TOTALLY FREE AND DETACHED of whatever this world has provided us with and how much we are INVOLVED with it.
The date of the return of Jesus on the clouds may be IT or at least very close to it... but take lots of time to get prepared right now, while there is time to "work".
Let go and leave no debt behind... and not anything else which keeps you attached to this world.
I believe STRONGLY that all the present signs are for our own good, because the Father and the Son do not want to leave ANY of His true children behind. The revelations we receive are still HIS GREAT LOVE AND MERCY...
I am deeply "moved" by the Spirit of God right now, because I realize that He has revealed this to me at this moment to let you know His will and His desire.

Do NOT allow satan to sidetrack you about the hour or day of His Return... JUST BE READY, for HE, OUR LORD JESUS IS ON HIS WAY to meet HIS BRIDE.
We shall meet up there. AMEN!
In His Immeasurable LOVE,
I remain,
Dr.Trudy Veerman 

Copyright © Dr.Trudy Veerman, 1996-2017, All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

The Last Days

Beloved friends in Christ,

This will be one of my last writings. 
Please pay attention to the two videos below.
Jesus is returning at the Appointed date revealed.
Be sure you watch the 2 video's I left at the end of my note.
Don't owe anything to anyone than to LOVE.
It is such a GREAT joy that the children of God will soon meet the Savior and Lord, 
Jesus the Christ. My hope is in Him.
The Joy of the Lord is my strength, while His eyes are on the sparrows, 
He also has me on His mind. Praise the Lord!
He is my Glad Tiding when all happiness disappears.
He is and has been my Light when all I knew was darkness.
He took my life in His hand and did mold me after His likeness.
All these years He watched over me so no evil would befall me.
He carried me in His bosom when life's struggle put me down.
The best friend I could ever have and trust, is Jesus my Lord.
Jesus is ALL I need as my Help, my Support, my Joy and Life.
When trials of life overload me, where would I go but the Lord?
My voice will Praise His name forever, for He means All to me. AMEN!
Hope to meet you at Jesus' feet.
In the Love of God.
Dr. Trudy Veerman

                       Copyright © Dr.Trudy Veerman, 1996-2017, All Rights Reserved.